Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Lhakpa Ri - 2017 April-May - Expedition Summary

Frutillar, Chile (Northern Patagonia) | 1158 | 203ft/62m | 26 September, 2017

     I'm catching up on a seemingly never-ending fill-in-the-gaps of the past seven years expeditions. Still a lot of gaps in the records on this blog, but I'll keep chipping away at it. In 2017 April, I guided an expedition to climb and ski 7045m/23,037ft Lhakpa Ri on the Rongbuk glacier system in Tibet. The trip was successful, with two of three guests on the trip reaching the summit with Gomba Sherpa and I.
     Charles and I skied from a col just below the summit, for a successful ski descent as well. Images and video below show part of the experience.

Seracs on the far east fork of the Rongbuk glacier, Tibet.

One of my dinings tents that I use for 7000 meter expeditions, depending on our location and style of climbing. Guests really enjoyed this setup in windy Tibet.

A yak loaded to head to Advanced Base Camp for Lhakpa Ri.

Our advanced base camp. Notice that each member gets their own 3 person mountain tent in base camps, the yellow dining tent, and the green kitchen tent. In the background you can see the summit of Lhakpa Ri (far right).

The expedition group at Advanced Base Camp. I'm on the far right, Gomba is on the far left.

Visiting monasteries in Shigatse, and elderly local takes a rest against the columns of the building.

Video of where we started to ski from on Lhakpa Ri. A windy day.

Mount Everest in the background with Charles De Courval skiing in the foreground.

Gomba Sherpa spreading the prayer flags (lungta) on the summit ridge of Lhakpa Ri.

Yaks carrying the loads towards advanced base camp.

Namaste and Tashi Delek. -Luke Smithwick, Himalaya Alpine Guides