Sunday, July 29, 2012

2012 Upper Zanskar Traverse

The 2012 Upper Zanskar traverse was an excellent adventure.  We warmed up over the Shingo La, headed through a wild upper corner of Zanskar; visiting traditional Tibetan villages, and then began our exploratory of the Lingti region; via the Phirtse La. This trip our second double traverse of the Great Himalaya range for the summer, and a new 6000 meter peak under our belts.  A well rounded trek and climb.
on the summit of the Phirtse La, descending into Lingti.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

2012 GHT - High Passes of Miyar

The 2012 GHT- High Passes of Miyar exploratory was a wild trip.   We got our trekking legs  under us in the flowery meadows of the lower Miyar Valley, exploring some of the side valleys, and then moved onto the Ice.  The glacier didn’t disappoint, with stellar views of the potential climbing routes and fine weather.  We successfully crossed the Kang La into Zanskar, and after some days of rest, went for a climb of an unnamed 6000 meter peak in the Raru valley.  Shut down by snow, we said goodbye to Ron and Jerry at Padum, and headed into upper Zanskar for a visit to 2500 year old Phugtal Monastery, a new traverse of the Great Himalaya range into the Mayar (not Miyar) valley, and a new ascent of an unnamed slightly technical 6000 meter peak in the area.  A solid exploratory, with a double traverse of the Range, and a new peak under our belts.