Sunday, July 29, 2012

2012 Upper Zanskar Traverse

The 2012 Upper Zanskar traverse was an excellent adventure.  We warmed up over the Shingo La, headed through a wild upper corner of Zanskar; visiting traditional Tibetan villages, and then began our exploratory of the Lingti region; via the Phirtse La. This trip our second double traverse of the Great Himalaya range for the summer, and a new 6000 meter peak under our belts.  A well rounded trek and climb.
on the summit of the Phirtse La, descending into Lingti.

upper Zanskar!

the village of Kargyak in upper Zanskar, notice the wolf trap in the far left corner.

Phirtse La high camp.

trekking towards the Phirtse La, enroute from Zanskar to Lingti.

climbing the summit ridge of peak 6010.

the summit of peak 6010.

A yak nomad camp in the Lingti valley.

Dorje Lhamo working with her yaks.

View a clip of Dorje working around the fire light in the evenings as they converse in Ladakhi.