Sunday, December 25, 2016

2016 September Kishtwar Peaks Exploratory

The 2016 Kishtwar Peaks Exploratory never made it to Kishtwar (!).  Instead, we trekked a wild route through Zanskar, saw a Himalayan brown bear and other interesting wild life, and traversed several 5000 meter passes while exploring a steep side canyon that involved an icy swim through a small cataract.  A well rounded Himalayan adventure.
Views of the Great Himalaya range on the drive in.

A local in Agsho village, keeping the yard and holding a young of the year goat.

Nav Brah and a local in Agsho.

Donkeys carrying winter fodder to the village from the mountainsides.

Some trailside petroglyphs.

Crossing the Agsho river the easy way.

The view towards Bharnaj and the pass to Kishtwar.

Big sky.

Zanskari ponies, some of which are feral, graze near the river.

Beating a retreat further into Zanskar

The trekking group with a local in Pidmo

Blue sheep