Sunday, August 28, 2016

2016 Kharut Pyramid Expedition

11:04 AM | 29 August 2016 | Chopdem, Goa, India | altitude:17m

Monday morning. I've a few more days of recovering in the thick air and ocean breeze before flying back into the Himalayas for two more expeditions this season, one in Zanskar, and one in the Stok region of central Ladakh.  In July of this year, we organized an expedition for two guests to go for a trek to K2 base camp (Concordia), and then an attempt on Kharut Pyramid, a peak adjacent to mighty to K2 that is 6444 meters in height. They had a nice trek, some great mountain views, yet when they went for a climb on the mountain, they had bad weather and weren't able to climb above the glacier. One of the guests, Bjorn Eriksen, shared some nice photos from the trip, they are below. -Luke Smithwick, guide/founder, Himalaya Alpine Guides

Concordia (K2 base camp) and Mitre Peak.

K2 base camp trekker
Eriksen at K2 base camp.

K2 base camp
K2 Base Camp

K2 // Chogo Ri // Mt. Godwin Austen

Kharut Pyramid
Kharut Pyramid.

Our next post will be a detailed account of the Hagshu expedition of August 2016. Interested in a trek or climb in the Himalayas? Send us a note.