Monday, April 18, 2016

2016 Satopanth Expedition - Team has arrived, Journey to Mussoorie Hill Station

18 April 2016 | 2034 | 2005m | Mussoorie ((Garhwali/Hindi: Masūrī)), India

The Himalayas from Mussoorie

Mussoorie at night


Greetings from Mussoorie, the final members of the team arrived yesterday via international flight
The view from our guest house, the Ivy Bank, here in Mussoorie this evening.
from the United States and Poland, and checked into the 5 star Metropolitan Hotel in Delhi. In the afternoon I did gear checks with two members, and will do the final one this evening with the third climber.  
on the boarding platform this morning in Delhi.
     This morning we rose early, boarded the first class car of the Shatabdi Express, and rolled to Dehra Dun.  Reaching Dehra Dun mid-day, we jumped into a Toyota Innova and drove up to the hill station of Mussoorie, where we are resting now at the Ivy Bank guest house, and making preparations for our overland journey to Uttarkashi tomorrow.  Temperatures are much cooler up here, Ted and Chris spotted the Himalayas on a stroll this evening, and a local told them it was "the Holy range."

-Luke Smithwick, guide, Himalaya Alpine Guides

A Hindu holy man (sadhu) making his way to board the train.