Sunday, June 10, 2012

2012 Shishapangma Expedition - Tibet

The 2012 Shishapangma expedition was an excellent adventure.  We didn't manage to make the true summit during this particular good weather season window. As a matter of fact, no one summitted the mountain this season, contrary to several reported successes.  Why?  Simply because the mountain was bony with hard blue ice pitches, exposed rock that is usually snow covered, and wickedly persistent winds.  Teams attempted several different routes on the north side of the mountain with no true success.  While Shishapangma is the lowest of the 14 8000 meter peaks, it remains a wild, untamed, and well-guarded summit that few attain; unlike its lofty neighbors.

The team gathers in Kathmandu.

Our Base Camp with Shishapangma in the distance.

The frozen lake upon which we took a walk near ABC.

     On an acclimatization hike to 6000 meters.

      Looking across the broad Tibetan plateau.

                           Depot camp, our second camp on the mountain, with the Yambhugangala Glacier.                

Crossing the Yambhugangala Glacier, enroute to Camp 1.

Climbing to Camp 1.

                                                        Our high camp on the mountain.

  Summit day, looking across the Tibetan plateau. Video of summit ridge. Video of view to Everest.

                                                     Evening high on Shishapangma.

                                                     Sunset on the side of Shishapangma

Stay tuned!  We embark into the remote and wild Miyar valley for a new peak climb in two days!  Will post when we return..